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Computer Repairing Motherboard Repairing

We have 10 years of experience in repair services

We install any kind of desktop application you need in your Personal Computer like MS Office, VPN, Antivirus etc.

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First We Provide laptop and PC/Computer fault diagnostics check!

Expert Technical Skills

Our all technicians is professional and Expert Technical Skills.

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Excellent Reputation We have expertise in servicing all branded as well as assembled computers.

Friendly Service

Computer Service and Repair. Friendly and Knowledgeable assistance with over 16 Years experience.

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What Services We Offer

Any kinds of digital device problem you need fixed. We can help! Check out our digital device repair services to find more information of what exactly we provide and if it suites your needs.

Software Installation

Fortunately, the task becomes easier once you understand the three main issues involved. These operations may require some charges or be free of charge. In case of payment, installation costs means the costs connected and relevant to or incurred as a result of installing the drivers or the equipment in the customers.

Computer Repair

Whether your computer is running slowly or recently crashed, Geeks On Site can help you get back on track. However, we also set up programs like email, configure hardware such as cameras, scanners, printers, and even iPods. We service all computer desktop and laptop brands, for both the PC and MAC operating systems.

Virus & Malware Removal

Did you know that viruses and spyware can wreak havoc on your hard drive, take over your computer and even make you prone to fraudulent activity on your bank account? Our crews cannot only remove any threats from your system, but will also install the proper software to prevent another attack from happening in the future.

Wifi Network Installation

While a wireless network helps keep your office connected, an unsecure one can leave you prone to security problems. Geeks on Site will not only help you configure your wireless router and adapter, but we will also secure your network, and show you how to use the new network and prevent any vulnerabilities.

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